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When not busy in the garden I like to get out with my camera looking for anything interesting. Here is a selection of some of my discoveries

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Welcome to my wildlife friendly garden website

I say "garden" but really it is a very small backyard (3.5mx4m) behind our terraced house in IJmuiden, The Netherlands.
I admit that the term "wildlife" is also an exaggeration, but what the website does show, is what birds and insects visit us and have taken up home here. Also the way of wildlife friendly planting I have adopted.

There are info' pages about, birds, planting, water, butterflies and moths, an on-going diary (and years of archives) in which I share my observations, joys and disappointments. Also there are lots of photo's in the various galleries of images taken in the garden and also my out and about galleries with images of return trips to England, life here in Holland and my other passion besides moths, Fungi!

I hope this will inspire others who may feel their garden is too small (it isn't!) or doesn't have a lawn or tree's (it doesn't matter!), and show that they can acheive so much, attract wildlife, and have great pleasure watching it all come to life!

Shirley O'Brien